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Membership and Donation Policy


I.       PURPOSE

         This policy explains membership and donation process of the P2D2 organization. The membership dues and donations will be used for ongoing costs; such as incineration,    website maintenance, transportation costs to disposal site, marketing and advertising of the program, and education, etc.




         This section contains information related to who can become a member, the membership process and appropriate membership dues.

Who can become a member?

There are four types of P2D2 members: 
• Non-Profit entities
• Government / Public Corporation
• Corporate entities
• Police Departments

How to become a member?

• Application

-Download Membership Application-
Download the Membership Application
To begin the membership process complete
the Application attached to this policy and return the form to:

Missouri P2D2
c/o Brad Brown, Secretary
727 Craig Road
St. Louis, MO 63141  

Board Approval

The Application will be reviewed by the current P2D2 Board of Directors.  If the Board approves your Application you will be contacted directly by someone from our organization.


Each member group of P2D2 shall select one individual to sit on the Board of Directors as their representative as long as the entity is current with their membership dues. Member groups should notify P2D2 of changes in representative within 30 days of the change.

Membership Dues

Membership Dues shall be paid within thirty (30) days after notification of acceptance and then annually by May 1st of each succeeding year. 

Fee Amounts:
Non-Profit entities - $500 per year.
Corporate and Government / Public Corporation entities - $2,500 per year.
Police Departments – in-kind fee (equal to Corporate entity fee) by way of drop box locations at their facilities.  As long as a drop box is located in a Police Department’s facility, their fees will be considered paid. 

Cancellation or Resignation of Membership

P2D2 reserves the right to suspend or cancel an entities membership for lack of dues payments or other reason(s) as deemed appropriate.  A member can resign from the organization at any time, however there will not be a reimbursement of membership dues.



This section contains information related to donations to the P2D2 organization. P2D2 is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is seeking public donations for its mission.

Donation Levels

Level 1 – up to $250.00
Level 1 donors will receive their name listed on our website.

Level 2 – $250.00 to $2,500.00
Level 2 donors will receive their name listed on our website as well as on the drop box sponsor list.

Level 3 – $2,500.00 and above
Level 3 donors will receive their name listed on our website, the drop box sponsor list and in any advertisements or press release of the organization.

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